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Monoclonal Antibodies Products

Monoclonal Antibodies are used in diagnostics which specifically recognize certain molecules. The widespread use of monoclonal antibodies is based on inherent characteristics like safety, broad range of potential targets, high selectivity, high affinity as well as ease of preparation. Further, they are also used for research and diagnostic purposes, in particular for selection of compounds. The range offered under this category includes Herclon / Trastuzumab Injection, Bevacizumab Injection, Natalizumab Injection and Infliximab Injection.

Herclon / Trastuzumab Injection

Herclon / Trastuzumab Injection has active ingredient as Trastuzumab (Herceptin) which is a monoclonal antibody which interferes with HER2/neu receptor. The main use of the injection is to treat certain breast cancers where Trastuzumab functioning as an antibody binds selectively to HER2 protein and prevents epidermal growth factor from binding, thus inhibiting effects of HER2 over-expression. Biding to HER2 proteins of cancerous cells, HER2 protein no longer cause cells in breast to uncontrollably reproduce, thus improving prognosis of women with this type of cancer.

Trastuzumab Injection

Bevacizumab Injection

Bevacizumab Injection

Bevacizumab Injection is used in chemotherapy for treating cancer of large intestine or rectum which has gained access to other parts of the body. Further, Bevacizumab also finds its use in chemotherapy for treating certain types of lung cancer, glioblastoma (a type of cancerous brain tumor) as well as in combination with other medication in treating renal cell cancer which is a type of cancer which starts from kidney and has spread to other body parts. From the class of medication “antiangiogenic agents” it works by stopping formation of blood vessels which brings oxygen as well as nutrients to tumors and thus slowing growth and spread of tumors.

Natalizumab Injection

Natalizumab Injection is applicable in slowing the process of worsening of disability in people that are facing relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis where nerves do not function properly. Due to which people experience conditions like loss of muscle coordination, problems with vision & speech, weakness, numbness and bladder control. The medicine works by stopping certain cells of immune system from reaching brain as well as spinal cord/digestive tract that cause damage. Other than this, Natalizumab is also used for treating and preventing arising of symptoms in people having Crohn's disease where body attacks lining of digestive tract which cause diarrhea, pain, weight loss and fever. Further, Natalizumab is also used by people on whom other medications have not proven effective.

Natalizumab Injection

Infliximab Injection

Infliximab Injection

Infliximab Injection finds usage in relieving symptoms of certain autoimmune disorders where immune system attacks healthy parts of body which causes conditions like pain, swelling and damage. From the medication class ‘tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)’ inhibitors, it works by blocking action of TNF-alpha, a substance present in body that causes inflammation. This includes rheumatoid arthritis (condition where body attacks its own joints that cause pain, swelling and loss of function), Crohn's disease (where body attacks lining of digestive tract that causes pain, diarrhea, weight loss and fever) and ulcerative colitis (condition that results in swelling & sores in lining of large intestine) that occurs in adults and children of 6 years of age or older. Other than this, the injection is also used for treating cases of ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

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