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Oncology Products

CSC List of Oncology Products

Oncology Drug Products
We provide variety of oncology drug products like Anti Cancer Medicine, Oncology Products, Oncology Medicines, Ovarian Cancer Drug, Colorectal Cancer Drug, Prostate Cancer Drug, Lung Cancer Drugs, Skin Cancer Drug, Breast Cancer Drugs etc.

Sr.No Product Packing Strength
1 5 - Flurouracil Vial, Ampoule 250mg/5ml, 500mg/10ml
2 Arsenic Trioxide Injection 10mg
4 Anastrozole Tablet 1mg
6 Biclutamide Tabs 50 mg
10 Cyclophosphamide Tablet 50mg
Injection 100mg, 200mg, 500mg, 1000mg
11 Cytarabine Vial 100mg, 200mg,500mg, 1gm/10ml
12 Dacarbazine Inj. Vial 100, 200, 500 mg
13 Daunorubicin Vial 20mg
15 Doxorubicin Vial 10mg, 20mg, 50mg
16 Epirubicin Vial 10mg, 50mg
Vial 100mg/5ml
18 Filgrastim Vial 30mcg, 48mcg
Tablet 10mg
21 Geftinib Tablet 250mg
Tablets 1mg, 2mg
24 Hydroxyurea Capsule 500mg
25 Irinotecan HCl Injection 20mg/ml
26 Idarubucin Injection 20mg
27 Ifosfamide Vial 1gm
28 Imatinib Mesylate Capsule 100mg
29 L-Asparaginase Vial 5000KU, 10000KU, 10000IU
31 Leuprolide Ampoule 1mg/ml
32 Lomustine Capsule 40mg
33 Melphalan Tablet 2mg, 5mg
34 Methotrexate Tablet 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg
Vial 15mg/3ml, 50mg/2ml, 500mg/5ml
35 Mitomycin Injection 2mg, 10mg
36 Mitoxantrone Injection 20mg
37 Octreotide Injection 50mcg, 100mcg
38 Ondansetron Injection 4mg/2ml, 8mg/4ml
Tablet 4mg, 8mg
39 Oxaliplatin Injection 100mg/20ml, 50mg/10ml
40 Pamidronate Vial 30mg, 60mg, 90mg
41 Procarbazine Capsules 50mg
42 Tamoxifen Tablets 10mg, 20mg
45 Topotecan Vial 2.5mg, 4mg
46 Vinblastine Vial 1mg, 2mg
47 Vincristine Vial 10mg
48 Vinorelbine Injection 50mg, 10mg

Products Under Development
  • Erlotinib Tablets
  • Trastazumab Injection
  • Rituximab Injection
  • Lipid Complex - Doxorubucin
  • Sorafenib Tablets

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